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Property Advisory Services

Perspective that unlocks property value

Slide Property Advisory Services Perspective that unlocks property value GET STARTED


What we do

With a focus on leasing, acquisitions and sales,
Affinity offer property consultation and advisory services.

Solutions-driven, we build business relationship synergies that generate operational and economic benefits for owners and tenants.

Our property advisory service is geared to increase flexibility and maximize value; build trust and engagement.

Strategically adept, with legal and financial experts on hand, we offer a wealth of business and property experience.

But we always begin with a deep and full understanding of your business needs and imperatives.


Tenant Representation

Lease Restructuring or re-gearing

Effective and cost-saving space planning

Dispute management and resolution

Cost saving and efficiency

Real Estate Leasing

Management of corporate relocations

Sourcing the best property for your business

Lease negotiations

Intelligent and cost-effective space planning and tenant installations

Lease advisory support and implementation

New Lease and renewal negotiations

Lease Restructuring or re-gearing

Leasing and Investment Management

Disposals and take-back negotiations

New lease negotiations, lease restructuring and lease renewal

Critical data tracking

Value enhancement

Critical market research

Real Estate Due Diligence Investigations

Legal due diligence

Financial due diligence

Operational due diligence

Market analysis and bench marking

Real Estate Strategy Development

Space planning

Facilities management consulting


Management of corporate relocations

Our Team

With a decade of experience in the property industry, Jerri Mperdempes, has worked as both a broker and a consultant and can claim a key role in facilitating some of the largest office and industrial corporate deals in South Africa of late.

This puts him in the unique position of being able to offer not only his wealth of experience but also his negotiating muscle, keen business insight, and tenacity at your service.

With Affinity’s oversight on your property venture, you’ll gain innovative perspective, in-depth knowledge and expertise and Jerri’s unique capacity for facilitating engagement and win-win relationships.

Jerri draws on a trusted network of affiliate consultants with legal and financial expertise to ensure you’ll benefit from a multi-faceted advisory service.

Jerri holds a BSC and an Honours Degree in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science. His background in the natural sciences means he’s grounded, matter of fact and understands the value of quality information and research when making decisions.

Client Feedback


Speak to us about how to make your business’s property investment a strategic advantage.